Why US


Best customer service 24/7 Support team

In our list of priorities and missions, quality customer service always ranks at the top. We do not believe in compromising customer service for anything else. Our staffers understand the graveness of the duty of providing the customers with authentic information and other facilities. Therefore, we have been and will keep on continuing our legacy of putting customers first. We can guarantee that no client will ever be dissatisfied with our customer service because we have continued experience in facilitating them with everything they require us to do. It is that one important essence of our company that will not come second to anything.

Years of experience

With years’ worth of successful venturing, Himalayan Recreation Treks & Expedition has been invested in providing quality services for more years to come. Our staffers have decades of experience of handling the management of tourism with self-reliance and efficiency. The years teach us more than the days hence we focus on improving ourselves with each interaction with our respected and beloved clients. Believing experience comes from relentless hard work, we have diligently worked our way to stand where we are today. We want to continue working on the prospect of tourism in Nepal and contribute to its promise not only within the country but outside as well.

Responsible Travel

At Himalayan Recreation we travel because we think this world is a pretty special place, so ensuring we protect and preserve the places we love is deeply ingrained in how we operate.

Guaranteed Departure

We, at Himalayan Recreation, do not entertain and influence any sort of delays and unwanted obstructions that compromise the departure of the trip. We make sure that every part of the trip is proceeding according to the planned arrangements and make decisions that do not divulge us from the promises that were made prior to the trip.

Team of experts

As we have mentioned our years of experience, our team consists of highly educated as well as prominently practicing trekking guides, managers and organizers who constantly strive to achieve our goal of satisfying our clients with successful trips every time. They have taken up various training courses over time and even explored untouched places of nature to sustainably open them to the crowd for the development of the tourism of that particular area. Our team always considers what is best for our customers hence they remain with the ethics of facilitating only the best service.

Reliable and Trusted

With the year of experience comes years of trust. Our customers have time and again come to us for reliable services proving that we are not just another agency but a companion for our clients. It said that there is no need to advertise trust. Rightfully so, our clients have entrusted us with the responsibility of providing them with all the services including trekking expeditions, mountain climbing, and Safari among others without us having to promote ourselves much. We value our customers with the utmost care and respect and we understand the expectations they might have for us. We are fully invested in meeting those expectations and maybe even exceed them. 

Personalized Experience

We also understand that holiday packages and tour schemes do not fit everyone at any time. Hence, we give the freedom to our clients to personalize their experience by letting them choose activities and tours based on their timing and comfort so that you can easily adapt to your new environment and schedule without much hassle. Our team of expert trekking guides and organizers take consideration of our client’s situation and do everything for their convenience.

Health and Safety

We take extra precautions especially in the case of health and safety so there is absolutely no room for doubt left for our customers. Even before the trekking training courses, we collect the necessary health information and try our level best to create circumstances that would ease our clients and help them embark on their journeys without much hassle or disability due to their health. We also provide an extensive set of latest equipment’s to suit the requirements of any type of terrains. Before going on any treks, we fully check and impart knowledge about the trail, its difficulties and other necessary information to the trekkers.

Reasonable Price

In all honesty, our specialty lies in our reasonable pricing for all the services we offer. With minimal extra charges, we organize and carry out several treks and tours in the package that give smart offers according to the season. It is a benefit all our customers can enjoy trusting us and choosing us for their trips. According to the popular timing for the particular destination, we bring up great schemes that relatively not only lower the price but also include other bonus attractions as well.

High Success Rate

Unless the weather poses a serious threat to any of our trekking or touring journeys, we have yet to fail on conducting these adventures. More than 94% of the time, our treks are conducted in a safe and sound manner with the highest chance of completion within the designated time and budget. Our past customers have highly lauded us for this particular feature of our agency and many have resorted to using our services again because of their satisfaction during their previous treks and tours.

Quality tea house in every trek

The treks of our planning are meticulously crafted to ensure that each day of the trek does not demand over-exertion. Additionally, the tea houses along the trekking route chosen offer excellent accommodation and other services according to the tastes of the trekkers. They also provide electricity and internet facilities up until a certain altitude to ease the lives of the trekkers.

Quality accommodation in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, as it welcomes every international tourist to the humble nation of Nepal, also pampers them with great hospitality around the city. The hotels and restaurants offer the wide variety of services and amenities. We offer accommodation in hotels which value the needs of the clients while offering excellent accommodation and hygiene.

Fully licensed local office

Himalayan Recreation has been operating in a full-fledged manner for years. We are fully licensed and have been authorized by the Government of Nepal to carry out our operations. We are also affiliated with National Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) among many others. Our head office is at Thamel, Kathmandu and you can feel free to contact us.

Stress-free travel

Traveling from a place to another can be a tedious job if proper care is not taken. However, we ensure that any travel experience you have with us will be hassle-free and ample attention will be provided to your demands. We use private vehicles for land transportation and book the flights earlier so that your experience does not get interrupted due to the humdrum procedures.