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We have thousands of visitors entering Nepal every year for Everest Base Camp Trek. We often hear the same question from most of them. They are;- “How do I prepare for the trek?” & “How hard is the Trek?”. Many people take Everest Base Camp trek as something impossible for untrained trekkers & It’s true that the trek is tougher than the lots of people imagine it. While the trek is tough, it is still possible to complete the trek smoothly with proper training & preparation. With the right attitude & training, trekkers of all age, size & shape can complete the trek & have a wonderful time during their journey.

Everest base camp Trek is a non-technical trek that doesn’t require any mountaineering experience. Despite it being achievable trek that most of the trekkers can complete easily, there are some challenges that come along your way on this journey. The highest point on your trek will be Kala Patthar which stands at just over 5500m. Even the starting point of your trek will be at an altitude of 2800m at Lukla airport. Depending on your fitness level, you’ll have to train & prepare for yourself. You should get yourself physically & mentally ready to take on this challenge & also don’t forget to check in with your doctor before taking any physical challenges.

Training guide:
Hiking  Practice

One of the best way to prepare for your trek is to get out for some short or long hikes. You can search for some hike trails around your town & go for a walk. Get used to long walk & learn more about your body & how far you can push yourself. You’ll be walking for at least 6 hours a day during your trek. So, you definitely need to get used to taking long walks. Also, try carrying some weights while hiking to check your stamina & fitness level, that’ll help you enjoy your upcoming trekking more comfortably.

-Cardio Training

Cardio workouts or exercise help your body adjust in a low oxygen or high altitude. This training will help you keep your body in control at a high elevation which will make your trek more enjoyable. Since your body is not used to staying at higher elevation & you’ll be trekking & accommodating at higher elevation most of the time during your trek, it will be slightly harder for your body to adjust in higher elevation. Cardio training is physical conditioning that exercises the heart & lungs. So, developing your cardio endurance with simple exercise 2-3 times a week will definitely make a huge difference during your trek.

Strength Training

It is best to have some strength training done before your ultimate trekking. Strength training is the best option if you can’t go for practice hikes, it’ll help your body & legs get ready as you will be walking & gaining elevation for several hours a day. This training helps to build your strength, stamina & fitness level which is a great start for your trek. You can repeat this training 2-3 times a week & you’ll definitely not regret doing this as it will help you have a much more comfortable & enjoyable time during your trek.

After checking your body fitness level & preparing yourself physically, You also need to prepare yourself mentally. Mental preparation is very important to make any trek successful. Once you’re fully mentally & physically prepared for your trek, we’re sure that your trek will be a huge success.

She is an outdoor enthusiast and traveler who got tired of staring at the mountains from his desk, he now spends every minute he can on them instead. She fell in love with Nepal on his first visit and has looked for every opportunity to get back to the Himalayas ever since. She helps our guests find and plan their perfect Himalayan adventure.

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