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Trekking to Everest Base Camp Solo vs Group


Everest base camp trek itself can be a dream place to visit for many adventure lovers as it is the base camp of World tallest mountain Mount. Everest. There are more than thousands of visitor who enters Nepal every year for trekking to Everest Base Camp. There is no age, gender, weight or any other restriction for trekking to EBC. As there is no restriction for trekking to EBC, some trekkers prefer trekking with the group while others prefer trekking solo. All the trekkers are free to choose either they want to trek with a group or alone. There is both good & bad side of trekking solo or trekking with groups. 

  • Trekking Solo

Trekking solo to EBC or any other place is definitely a good thing to consider if you’re an experienced trekker & want to have some alone time to heal your mind, body & soul. But if you’re a beginner without any trekking experience then, trekking solo might not be the best option for you. Safety always comes first along with enjoying the trek. So for the beginner trekkers, trekking with a guide & porter will add more safety & improve your experience, knowledge & understanding about mountains, culture & lifestyle of Nepal. Trekking solo can be problematic sometimes in case of facing injury & illness during your trek.

Trekking to ebc solo vs group
Trekking to ebc solo vs group

If you’re considering to trek solo then you’ll need to prepare quite a lot for yourself before your trek. Things you’ll need for trekking to Everest Base Camp are;

  • Permits for Everest Base Camp Trek

Most of the trek in Nepal requires a permit & in case of Everest Base Camp trek, two permits are needed. They are; Trekkers Information management system(TIMS) & Sagarmatha National Park permit. You can get TIMS card once you arrive in Kathmandu in Nepal Tourism Board which will require some paper document & cash in NPR. As for the Sagarmatha National Park permit, You can get that along the trail to EBC. It requires TIMS card & cash in NPR.

  • Itinerary

Another thing you must have to trek to EBC is Itinerary. Since you won’t have any guide, porter or trekking partner if you trek solo, you’ll have to do quite a research about trekking to EBC, its weather condition, altitude, accommodation & food facilities etc. Keeping all the above things in mind, you can design an itinerary for your Everest Base Camp trek which will help you to have a much easier & enjoyable time during your trek.

  • Packing list

You’ll have to spend some time preparing for your trip researching about what is needed for your trek. You’ll have to pack following things for your trek to EBC;  Trekking clothes, Teahouse clothes, Trekking gears, Toiletries, First aid, light foods & your personal items. You can check details for packing list in our other blog.

  • Trekking with group/guide/porter

Most of the trekkers prefer to trek with the group, trekking partners or guide & porter for safety purpose. If you book with our company or any other travel company, guide & porter will be provided to you by us. All your accommodation, food & transportation facilities will also be provided by us which will be included in the original price you pay us. We’ll also take care of all your permit cards. Trekking with the group is definitely a better option for trekkers without any previous experience of trekking. You won’t have any problem in finding trail, hotels, guesthouse, tea house while trekking with the group. Trekking with the group also means that you’ll have full safety during your trek, as there will be people around you to look for you if you get injured or have any illness. Hiring a guide & porter is the best thing to do if you want to learn more about the mountains, history, culture & lifestyle of Nepal & Himalayas.

She is an outdoor enthusiast and traveler who got tired of staring at the mountains from his desk, he now spends every minute he can on them instead. She fell in love with Nepal on his first visit and has looked for every opportunity to get back to the Himalayas ever since. She helps our guests find and plan their perfect Himalayan adventure.

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