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Everest base camp trek cost

ebc trek cost

As we know it’s a dream of every traveller to reach to the world highest mountain ” Mount Everest” at least once in a lifetime. The best way to get close to your dreamland  Everest is “Everest base camp trek” which can be of 12-16 days on average. A most frequent question raised by the travellers all around the world is “How much does the Everest base camp trek cost?”. To travel to the base camp of the world highest peak the questions of the price is usual before you make a plan to do it. So, here is the information that may help you to know about the typical budget of Everest base camp trek.

The Everest base camp trek is the most iconic trek in the world. Getting to the region & completing the trek involves various cost from international airfares to park permits and tour guides. But at the same time cost may differ according to the agency, tour operators you choose or the number of days, time of the year you are planning to go or maybe you could reduce the cost by trekking independently. There is a number of  Everest base camp trek cost that you need to budget for. Below here are the few main cost considerations;

  • Everest Base camp trek cost- International flights

The cost of your flight to Kathmandu depends on when you book & where you’re flying from. The more in advance you book the cheaper your flight will be. The flight cost will be somewhere around $500 to $1000.

Budget= $500-$1000   

  • Everest Base camp trek cost- Visas & permits

In Nepal, visas can be purchased on arrival in Kathmandu but Nepal requires a visa for all countries excluding India. The price of visas start at US$25 for 15-day multiple entries and go up to US$40 and US$100 for 1 month and 3-month visas respectively. Two permits are required for the trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp; the Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS card) and the Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit. If you are going with the tour operators then, mostly it will be obtained for you & included in tour cost. But if you’re trekking independently then, the combined cost of the permits will be around $50.

Budget= $100

  • Everest Base camp trek cost- Insurance

We recommend getting travel insurance for all trekking and climbing expeditions to Nepal. We advise taking out travel insurance that will cover basic events such as cancelled flights and lost baggage in addition to trekking insurance that will cover medical expenses and emergency evacuations. A 30-day insurance policy is likely to cost around $150.

Budget= $150

  • Everest Base camp trek cost- Equipment

The cost of the equipment for the trek largely depends on how much of it you already own & if you need to buy or hire the rest. The basics that you will need to bring include a cold-weather sleeping bag, thermal clothing, hiking boots, trekking poles, a backpack and duffle bag, a warm waterproof jacket, gloves, sunglasses, a peak cap and a beanie. It will cost you around $2000 to buy the full list of equipment but in most of the cases, people tend to own some or most of the equipment listed so the cost tends to be a few hundred dollars instead.

Budget= $500-$1000

  • Everest Base camp trek cost- Tour operators

The biggest single cost of the trip to Everest Base Camp trek will be the tour operator as they provide almost all planning services, will provide a guide and arrange for board and lodging needed for a successful trek.  The costs for the Everest base camp trek tour operators range from $1,000 at the cheapest to $3,000 at the top end, and for a Western operator from $1,500 to $4,000. We recommend spending around $1,200-$1500 for a well-priced and safe trek that will let you enjoy the beauty of the region.

Budget= $1000-$2000

  • Everest Base camp trek cost- Miscellaneous Costs

This cost can include tipping guides & tour staffs or cost to cover any spontaneous buys. Tipping guides and tour staff is customary in Nepal although the amount you tip is entirely at your discretion. You will also like to take some extra money for activities before & after your trek.

Budget= $200

Total Everest base camp trek cost


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