If you ever encounter a trekking enthusiast with enough experience, ask them what their favorite experience was. It wouldn’t be a surprise if their answer comes along the line of Nepal being their best destination for trekking. Here at Himalayan Recreation Treks & Expedition, we celebrate the integrity of the majestic Himalayas by showcasing them to a diverse crowd of nature-loving professional and leisure trekkers.

Company Overview  

With almost two decades of pure trekking experience, President of Himalayan Recreation Treks Dipak Thapa aspired to become a pioneer in paving the road for sustainable tourism in Nepal. With the mission to explore and introduce new and awe-inspiring locations as tourist destination, Thapa established his own agency with a group of knowledgeable trekking enthusiasts including Bishnu Thapa, the Managing Director, who has accumulated more than 10 years of ample trekking and mountaineering experience through his journeys to places like Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Manaslu to name just a few. Having started the company, the agency has, without doubt, achieved good reputations through a number of happy and satisfied clients.

How Are We Different

Himalayan Recreation Treks & Expedition, unlike most licensed trekking agencies, also includes exciting tours and safaris along with mountain climbing. The trinity of the bizarre adventure sports and activities are not limited to only the famous and relatively popular destinations like the Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu and Langtang region. We have established and successfully carried out treks of various grading in the most unique off beaten paths as well including those of Mustang and Dolpo region. We offer plenty of sightseeing options including World UNESCO Heritage sites and other religiously remarkable regions off Lumbini and Pokhara. Our other services include the smart packages of Honeymoon trips, safari ride in the wild, peak climbing in more than five mountains and even helicopter tours.

International Operations

Our agency has its bases in India, Tibet and Bhutan as well as trips to these regions through the trekking routes in Nepal. In any case, one can opt to trek in Nepal and even travel to Tibet and Bhutan during that process.

Bottom line

We have a professional group of people in the trekking team who are determined and work diligently hard to let you have the highest form of satisfaction in your time in Nepal. Hence, you can fully place your trust because quality service is a motto we abide by without a second thought.


Best customer service 24/7 Support team

In our list of priorities and missions, quality customer service always ranks at the top. We do not believe in compromising customer service for anything else. Our staffers understand the graveness of the duty of providing the customers with authentic information and other facilities.

Years of experience

With years’ worth of successful venturing, Himalayan Recreation Treks & Expedition has been invested in providing quality services for more years to come. Our staffers have decades of experience of handling the management of tourism with self-reliance and efficiency. The years teach us more than the days hence we focus on improving

Guaranteed Departure

We, at Himalayan Recreation, do not entertain and influence any sort of delays and unwanted obstructions that compromise the departure of the trip. We make sure that every part of the trip is proceeding according to the planned arrangements and make decisions that do not divulge us from the promises that were made prior to the trip.